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Perfect Brows in 10 Minutes
September 19, 2018

Perfect Brows in 10 Minutes

If I’m ever forced to choose one makeup product for the rest of my life, it would definitely be something brow related. I’m not blessed with nice thick eyebrows so it’s important that I know how to draw them on nicely. And whether or not you’re blessed (with nice brows), knowing how to draw a […]

Perfect Lips in 5 Minutes
May 3, 2018

Perfect Lips in 5 Minutes

Beauty writer: Angeline Tan I believe nothing empowers a woman more than putting on lipstick. It is your ammunition, and whenever you need, a quick wipe of it on the lips will have you looking ready to conquer the world. Any beginner to makeup always starts with lipstick, because it’s easy and effortless! Plus, the […]

Makeup for Monolids
April 19, 2018

Makeup for Monolids

Beauty writer: Angeline Tan Anyone here feels my pain on eye-makeup for monolids? The struggle is real, and it has been since my love affair with makeup began. How could I even try to get a decent eye look when my flat and flabby eyelids roll over any colour I try to put on? And […]

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