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About Me


While most people call me Bangsar Babe (some call me BB), I prefer to be called by my name – Sue Lynn. I’ve lived in Bangsar almost all my life, having moved into my family home since I was two. I love to eat, travel, write and explore new food places. I can be quite vain, having joined three of the biggest beauty pageants in Malaysia, and emerging 3rd runner up for one of them.

Miss World Malaysia


StarMetro Column

In 2009, I started writing my own food column called Eating Spree in StarMetro where many started taking my food opinions and thoughts into serious consideration. In 2011, I moved on from Star Metro to StarTwo, and Eating Spree became a bi-monthly column. After more than three years, I wrote my last Eating Spree column and moved on to greener pastures.

I also wrote columns for FACES and KL Lifestyle Magazine. Currently, I contribute to Leisure Travel and NewMan magazine on a regular basis. I have a background in Advertising and my two majors – copywriting and design – come in handy when developing the blog. Whenever possible, I go for food trips and holidays around Malaysia and if my cash flow permits, beyond Malaysia.



Bangsar-babe nst write-up

New Straits Time Feature

Bangsar Babe is a Malaysian food, travel and leisure blog that started in November 2007. It was (and still is) an outlet for me to share my food discoveries and travels for others to read. Bangsar Babe’s first feature was in New Straits Time in March 2009. Since then, the blog has been featured in various publications, including:

Top 10-Foodies-Sue Lynn

FACES Magazine Feature

  • The Star
  • Star Rage
  • KL Lifestyle
  • TimeOut KL
  • Wedding Guide Asia

Bangsar Babe has also appeared in:


Cameo appearance with Emmanuel Stroobant

Majority of Bangsar Babe’s audience come from Malaysia, Singapore, UK, US and Australia. A lot of brainstorming and idea generation is done for Bangsar Babe, and the brainchild, strategist and manager of the blog is my husband, Jien (fondly known to you all as rif).



IMG_3401 copy

I also previously worked with Samsung, Kiss Me, Lucido-L, Neubodi, Azorias, The Body Shop, Ecofirst Products, Couture Chic and Clothes for Fun.



In July 2010, I decided to take blogging to the next level by starting my own food video blog which I release every once a month. I hope to host a food show on television some day.



Sponsors V4

Bangsar Babe Blog Giveaway started in November 2010 to celebrate the blog’s 3rd anniversary. This concept has since been copied by many others hence, the need to be different to stay on top. In July 2012, I launched possibly the biggest blog giveaway in Malaysia (Bangsar Babe Blog Giveaway 2012) – working with 18 top sponsors, with more than RM20,000 worth of prizes to be given away.



In the next year or so, I aim to be one of the must-read blogs in Malaysia and other parts of the world. Sounds a little farfetched, but for a blog that initially started as a food diary, nothing is impossible. I also aim to travel more and experience new adventures, and documenting them down for my beloved readers and fans (yes, you!) to read.

To get to know me better, you can follow my Facebook page, Instagramtwitter page and Pinterest, or use my contact form.

For PR matters, write-ups, features and events, please email pr.bangsarbabe [at] gmail [dot] com.

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