Maxis iPhone 5 Launch

I desperately need a new phone and it’s been a rather long wait for the iPhone 5 to arrive in Malaysia. I was determined to get it ever since my sister who’s in Sydney got her iPhone 5.

photo 2 copy

Look at the queue!!

The latest iPhone 5 is made more AMAZING with Maxis iValue plans and exclusive apps, including the Maxis Traffic, Loker with 10GB of cloud storage and Visual Voicemail, which allows you to manage your voicemail without having to dial into your voicemail service. Maxis gave away five iPhone 5 via lucky draw to the media present during the launch a while ago – damn those lucky people!! :shock:

P1010844 copy

Speech by Suren J Amarasekera

P1010856 copy


Additional enhanced features include Maxis Rewards application, FREE unlimited music downloads and a revamped Maxis customer service application. The last feature enables you to track your mobile usage (I need that) and pay bills.

photo 1 copy

Excited! :D

iPhone 3G

Byebye iPhone 3GS…

Desperately need this upgrade!

For more information on Maxis’ pricing and tariff plans for the iPhone 5, please visit

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  1. ooo, we’re on the same phone ‘cycle.’ i’ve survived on the 3gs for what seems like the longest time too, and it’s almost completely ruined by now (cracked screen, dysfunctional home button, dislocated volume button). so glad to finally be upgrading, heh :D

  2. Boo, I’m Sony gang. Never liked Iphones!

  3. Got to know your page via iPhone 5 launch.. Great one! Will be putting into my reading list… Ip5 rocks!

  4. Got mine :)

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