Happy Birthday Rif!

Today is a very special day. My other half turns a year older and he can finally stop saying he married an older woman, by just 4 months. :roll:

Happy Birthday rif!

Thank you for being my rock and confidant all these years.

By the way, we’re going on our honeymoon tonight. Mega excited!! I guess we’ll be celebrating his special day at the airport’s duty free area. :D

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  1. Hahaha…older woman…a good one! :P

    Btw…Happy Birthay Rif! =)

  2. thank you darling!

  3. Happy Birthday Rif!
    The card is cute. From Memory Lane rite?
    Hope you both enjoy the honeymoon. Happy Holidays ;-)

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RIF! How nice, you’ll have post-birthday celebrations on your honeymoon! :-)

  5. haha same here, we are the “same” number 3 months of the year

  6. Age is just a number, Happy Birthday Rif and enjoy your holidays!

  7. Happy Birthday, Rif!
    Enjoy your honeymoon you two!

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