New Ride

rif just bought his first car. He’s been using the same car since we started dating, and it’s almost 11 years old. Now I’m slightly jealous, because I want a new car but can’t afford one. At least not until another year or so.

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Dress by Azorias

I love the new Audi cars, but those are way out of my budget. So naturally, I turn my head (the way you guys check out chicks) when I see an Audi TT or R8. I don’t want another local car, so I’m aiming for either a Japanese, Korean or Continental car.

Doesn’t really matter which one, as long as the car is red. Anyway, my dress is from Azorias and I’m loving the fit. :)

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  1. Good morning. My best wishes and good luck to Rif with his new car, VW Golf is it(cos your standing next to it)? You look very professional in that dress. Any car also is expensive in Malaysia. For me, as long as it’s get me from A to B safely and reliably that’s more than enough.

  2. or…. a bike!

  3. Congrats Rif on ur new ride…Polo or Golf?…hehe ;)

  4. Wahaha…congrats! Do we get to ride in your new ride, eventually, hehe?!

  5. I think the Volkswagen Golf is not bad. It has Chili Red color oso… ;-)
    Other than that I think Peugeot 308 is pretty cool too … ^_^

  6. Come to the US. Cars are cheap! You can get an Audi A4 for $45K USD. I think it is a lot of money but most Malaysians think it is a bargain:) Gasoline is $3.50/gallon. It used to be $1.25/gallon 10 years ago but those days are long gone.

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