Dream Home

I was THIS close to buying a place. In Bangsar. :cry:


But someone beat me to it. Don”t think such an offer will come around anytime soon. Feeling a bit upset now. No, very upset actually. :cry:

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  1. Well sure got other opportunity…
    I think it is worth to wait for awhile…..

  2. U need some Ichiro to cheer u up…jom! :D

  3. Sorry to hear about that, don’t worry something better might crop up. But property in KL is crazy money, so I feel your pain when you say the offer might not come around again.

  4. Prices for properties nowadays is getting crazier, feel sorry to hear about your experience T_T But I think you will get a better one very soon *cheer up!*

  5. Ahh…understand ur ‘ke-upset-an’…I’ve gone through it. But I managed to get a better one at the end of the day. I hope you can too. Cheers and good luck! ;-)

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