Birthday Dinner

Salsa-stuffed eggplant

rif made me dinner on my birthday, which I enjoyed very much. Apparently, he planned the whole thing for a week and even came up with a proper menu. Here are pictures of his hard work…before everything ended up in my stomach. :P


Beer battered chicken stuffed with pork belly

Grilled lamb with salsa-stuffed eggplant

Grilled Angus ribeye with mashed potato

Cheesecake (bought)

Full and happy. Thank you for making me dinner, rif! :)

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  1. a husband who cooks is a husband to keep! :D

  2. it was my pleasure

  3. wuah!! lucky babe! :)

  4. Kudos to you for having enough self-control to take photos before eating everything! And happy belated birthday too!

    • Bangsar Babe says:

      Hahahaha…not considered self control, I feel. 5 seconds per picture…not that bad a wait. :P Thanks!!

  5. super sweet of rif! :)

  6. Hello…. Saw u a few times at lrt station… Wanted to greet u but walk quite fast… Belated bday anyway :))

  7. Waah…beer battered chicken stuffed with pork belly…how unique! Kudos to Rif =)

  8. So sweet and thoughtful of him. Aiyoo…too bad my HB only can cook Maggi. Huhuuhu….mimpi sudah berkecai* =p

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