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I recently overheard a couple talking about their ideal wedding card and how it was going to cost them RM8 per piece. Assuming they have 300 guests for their wedding: the cards alone are going to cost them RM2,400! Fine, maybe not one card per guest; one card per two pax – that’s still RM1,200.

For our wedding last year, I remember the initial quote from our wedding planner for an elaborate card. While the card was nice, I couldn’t comprehend paying RM6 (bulk printing price) for a card that people would probably sell to the newspaperman after the wedding is over.

And since my groom was so particular about details and concept, he wasn’t going to settle for a random invitation card from Chinese wedding supply shops. So I designed our card, together with our wedding monogram, which we used for our stage backdrop, food menu and guest list.

Dinner Menu

rif wanted something simple, yet classy. It was the year William and Kate tied the knot and he was inspired by the royal wedding invitation. Hence, our version of wedding card. It wasn’t easy doing the monogram, but once I finished that, the rest of the design was relatively straightforward.


Projector screen

Our theme was red and purple, but I didn’t want the two colours to mix in the card because it looked gaudy. We printed the invitation on pearl ivory paper and our wedding planner got us an affordable printer (thank you Adamas!). Guess how much we paid per card, excluding envelope? RM0.80!! Terror leh… :D

I was quite pleased with the cost and outcome of the wedding card (since I designed it lol) and while our parents wanted a two-fold card, we stuck to our ground and had a single piece. Looks more elegant and cost less too.

If you’re looking for a less expensive wedding card, why not design it yourself or ask a designer friend to do it for you? And get a reliable and affordable printing company. I don’t have the printer contact with me anymore. However, you can use this as a benchmark when printing your own card. I’m off to play!

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  1. You really did spend wisely. During wedding, ppl will usually will spend on unnecessary stuff. That is such a waste. I agreed that its just an invitation card. How many guest will actually keep them as remembrance huh?

    • Bangsar Babe says:

      Yeah, I don’t keep wedding cards myself — I think only wedding planners do for reference. That’s why I decided to go budget on that. ;)

  2. mw wedding card is FOC from the restaurant…
    well to save some money le…

  3. your cards definitely still looked very pretty. and i guess the thing is, a lot of blur-blur wedding guests (such as myself) barely even notice the cards, so an expensive and elaborate construction would be kinda wasted on us…

  4. WAH, RM 2400 for invitation cards?

  5. Hi. May I know what type of printer did you use to print the cards? Normal printer would do? Thanks.

  6. Hey . :D
    What font did you use for the wedding invitation card eh ? o.o

  7. Hi BB – just wanted to say that your idea was brilliant! and it looked great too. Maybe will be doing something like that, seriously considering it. May i ask, who did the huge print that you put as back drop? I want that, but have absolutely no idea where to get it from ;(

    • Bangsar Babe says:

      Hi Suma,

      My photowall, backdrop and props are done by Imagine If Sdn Bhd. You can ask big print shops (those that print buntings and posters) if they can do it for you.

  8. Steve Ker says:

    Have you seen a piece of wedding card sell at RM70/pc, for 150pcs =RM10500. Someone is willing to pay for it.

    For RM6/pc(quatity of 300pcs) can produce very good quality of hardcover wedding card.

  9. Hi,

    Just wondering what software did you use to design the card? And you printed the original copy yourself and brought it to a bulk printer?


  10. Denise Lim says:

    I’m surprised that it cost approx. RM6.00 for each wedding card, luckily, if I attend my good friends wedding, I keep the card in my scrapbook for remembrance,haha

  11. Wow. It’s quite expensive RM6 per card. I manage to get quite cheap for my wedding card but not as cheap as yours. I paid about RM1.50 each for mine from here.

    For Designs, there are actually a lot of free printables available. Just google “free wedding printables” . Its free designs and they are quite nice. Dont have to pay for it.

  12. Hi, love to write your blog! i am new in kl and may i know where have printing service in kl? Or bangsar/mont kiara area? Thanks!

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