Last weekend, rif planned an early birthday celebration with a few of my close friends at the premier suite of Peninsula Hotel in Jalan Semantan. We had plenty to drink and eat, and he even got his sister to make me a pink tiara cake!


My pink tiara cake

Thank you rif, for everything! :)

We partied till I passed out, and the girls continued partying till 3am. Terror!! Thanks Christy, Hoi Mun, Shum, Hanim, Kyrin, Susan, Loo, Julia, Jen & Ming Na, for making my b’day a memorable one. :D

My girls :)


Pressie time!

Wasted lol!

Happy Birthday To Me!

*Thanks Susan, for the pictures and collages. Love them to bits!

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday to you! =)
    Its such a lovely and pretty cake. Is the tiara on cake edible?

    • Bangsar Babe says:

      Thanks dear. Not belated. It’s actually today. ;)

      Yup, edible tiara. The non-edible thing on the cake are the ‘rubies’. :P

  2. Happy birthday!

  3. oooh, happy birthday! may there be plenty of laughter and smiles and happy memories in the hours ahead :D

  4. Happy Birthday to you dear! And hope you enjoy your special dinner tonight :)

  5. happy happy birthday again, dear! :) super love your tiara cake, the tiara is so intricate, did you manage to nom nom nom the tiara?

  6. oo.. happy birthday pretty lady! U look pretty in the tiara:)

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