Food Bites: A Curbside Gourmet Experience

A Curbside Gourmet Experience

It is common to find food markets that sell gourmet food in Europe, but the type of markets I know of in Malaysia are the morning wet market, pasar malam and pasar tani. Food Bites is a food market that is dedicated to serving gourmet food, street style. If you’re a food lover, food enthusiast, chef, an owner of a gourmet restaurant or even a closet gourmet cook, join Food Bites as a vendor!

Calling all food lovers, food enthusiasts and chefs!

This is your opportunity to further explore your culinary skills and capabilities, and have fun in the process. If you’re interested, email [email protected] or check out Food Bites’ Facebook Page here. If you’re a foodie, be excited. Very excited because delicious experiences are happening at Jaya One this 26th May 2012!

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  1. Ooh, looks like something fun and tasty.

  2. This sounds fun…food!

  3. looks interesting..
    somemore near to my house .. ;)

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