Bangsar Babe & Puma

Happy Friday Folks!

Bangsar Babe & Puma

I’m happy to announce Puma as the official sports and lifestyle sponsor for Bangsar Babe. Do expect goodies and giveaways from Puma on this blog very soon. :) Thank you Puma, for having confidence in me as a brand and personality. I look forward to a great partnership between both brands!

Puma: The official sports and lifestyle sponsor for Bangsar Babe

Check out Puma’s updates and like Puma’s Facebook page here!

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  1. Looking forward to the giveaways! Maybe one should be for the first comment on this post? ;-)

  2. congrats!

  3. yeah .. .. so now u r puma babe .. lol..
    I got a puma ferrari shoes…..

  4. Congras!

    Am checking out Puma’s trainers. My Nike is retiring on me…think it should last till my Energizer night run (fingers crossed)…

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