Okonomiyaki Fugetsu at ION Orchard in Singapore

Pancake...or omelet?

The word okonomiyaki doesn’t roll off my tongue smoothly; I often get stuck after o-ko-no, which annoys me. OKONOMIYAKI: It’s a cabbage-laced pancake that doubles up as an omelet with squiggles of mayonnaise, sweet-sour brown sauce (that is almost teriyaki-like) and shaved bonito flakes on top. I’ve never eaten one, but a few people recommended [...]

Cocotte at Wanderlust Hotel in Singapore

Pan Seared Seabass on a bed of summer vegetables in a seafood nage

I was alone for the day in Singapore as Jeen was heading back to KL. She did however, leave me with suggestions on places to try and Cocotte was one of them. I’m not a spontaneous person; at least, not as spontaneous as I would like to be. Random isn’t something that best describes me [...]

Antipasti Buffet at Spasso Milano in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur


I often receive emails from readers asking me to recommend a good Italian restaurant in KL that wouldn’t burn a hole in their wallet. And for the past one year, my answer has been Spasso Milano. When it was in Ampang, getting there was a bit of a hassle especially during rush hour but now [...]

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