A touch of retro

Was going through my photo albums…when I came across some pictures I took of my bridal suite at Grand Dorsett Subang. Don’t you think the living hall looks a bit retro-ish?

Living hall of my bridal suite

I’m feeling a bit melancholy now. People keep asking me how married life is. To me, there isn’t much difference since we’ve been dating for more than 8 years before getting hitched. That said, I can’t believe it’s more than a month since we got married…and that year 2011 is about to end! :(

Plush bed

Complimentary fruits and chocolates

My walk-in wardrobe with my gowns behind

Yes, I like working in small corners and the wardrobe was perfect for me to get some quiet time from the chaos that day. That’s a picture Christy took of me, when I was working on my wedding vows. LOL

The wedding dinner went well — timing was impeccable thanks to the wedding planning team. As per my instruction, dinner started and ended right on time. A rare thing for Chinese wedding dinners, right? :)

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  1. Wow, the bridal suite looks so nice!

  2. i love small but functional spaces. hate big houses.

  3. heheh, but if dinner started on time, wouldn’t the late/tardy guests be dismayed? :D

    • Bangsar Babe says:

      Yup. I made them wait outside the ballroom until I was done with my entrance walk and cake-cutting session. Heh! :P

      • Wish all brides were like tht! usually they start 2 hours late. I hate waiting during chinese wedding dinners.

        • Bangsar Babe says:

          Waaaa…a bit hard la that one. I’m just very particular about my dinner starting on time. Kekeke

          • The last wedding I attend, my cousin had us waited for more than an hour for the dinner to start. Pffft, I was so mad that I wanted to get out of there after the exchange of vows, but being a family member meant that I had to stay behind. When it is my time, I will press for punctuality.

            I salute you, Sue Lynn, for your courage! Not many brides will press for punctuality for their wedding dinner.

          • Bangsar Babe says:

            Sorry to hear about your experience Ciana. I guess I’m just one of those people who are fed up about waiting super long for wedding dinners to start. That’s why I decided my wedding will be punctual!

  4. Hi, the wedding look sglamorous! May I know how much have u spend for the wedding ?

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