Garrett Popcorn Shop, KLCC

Never knew about Garrett Popcorn Shop, until yesterday when I smelt a strong caramel aroma as I exited the escalator. The long queue piqued rif’s curiosity, and we found ourselves joining the queue on our way back to the carpark. These popcorns aren’t cheap – a basic small bag of popcorn cost RM9, and can go up to RM19 depending on the flavor and ingredients.

Butter flavour


We wanted the Chicago Mix, but they ran out of CheeseCorn so we got the Caramel (RM16 – small, RM21 – medium, RM26- large) instead. You can ask for a small sample of the popcorn before deciding on the popcorn flavor you want.

The butter flavor was nothing to shout about – it tasted quite bleh to me. We both liked the caramel flavor, but decided it was too expensive to make it a regular treat. Maybe we will feel differently after paying off the wedding debt!

Garrett Popcorn Shop
Lot C15H, Concourse Floor,
Suria KLCC
03-2161 6633

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  1. 20 odd bucks for popcorn?? I think thats just ridiculous since its technically speaking just corn…

  2. i prefer the standard sutff at gsc if it’s going to be Rm 10!

  3. few weeks back I saw ‘opening soon’. and now its open! Ahhh…I want get my KL friend to help me to buy 1 tin edi….hehe…guess caramel should be a good choice rite??

  4. my boy loves it to bits!

  5. each popcorn coated evenly with caramel, so inviting!

  6. These photos are great. Thanks for visiting the Shop!

  7. oh my !! please guys u have to give this popcorn a chance to prove its worth !! it’s heavenly and it doesnt disappoint !! worth the 20 u are paying for it =) ….

  8. I’ve not tried the one in KL. I bought from Singapore. I spend like RM150 for a gallon. To me it’s worth it because we LOVE popcorn. I think 1 gallon is cheaper in Malaysia. Must try! :P

  9. now even 1utama also got this shop already!!! :)

  10. The secret to reduce the sweetness is to put it in the fridge first. then it would taste better the sweetness!

  11. i went to kl last month and i went to this shop.. i bought caramel flavor.. damn these popcorn isnt like normal popcorn.. taste so great.. make me wana go to kl again.. :( i hope they open another shop in kuching..

  12. to ben,
    there is one outlet in brunie.
    try to do some research. :)

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