A walk down memory lane…and our wedding vows

A year ago, he popped the question and I said “Yes”. Since then, our lives revolved around planning and budgeting for our big day. That day is about to arrive, and things are slowly coming together. We’ve been through more ups and downs (planning a wedding takes a toll on the relationship), gone to a beneficial marriage preparation course, marriage registration/ROM, countless of gown fittings, photo shoots and getting used to our newly wed status.

To view the proposal story, click here. To view the story on FACES Magazine, click here. For our ROM video, click here.

Wei Jien's Wedding Vow

Sue Lynn's Wedding Vow

If you want to know more, stay tuned. I will be constantly updating this blog and our wedding blog on our wedding journey. Hopefully, couples who are about to tie the knot in future can gain some knowledge and learn from our stumbles. :)

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  1. When is/was the big day?

    Wishing you both a long and fruitful marriage.

  2. Hi Sue Lynn,
    I knew you from the Star2 articles that i never miss reading. What attracted me is your wedding journals, because recently I have been helping my two best friends preparing theirs too. Their big day will be in March 2012, and at present time, they are busy selecting pre-wedding photos while juggling with their work. I am very happy for them, thus when i saw your big day is too arriving, I am happy for you too.. it is the most meaningful moment when you can be with someone who wants to be with you too.. for life.

  3. tonytang says:

    congrate to u and happy forever..
    and i make apologize here i ask a stupid question adi.
    wish u both happy forever and ur family.

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