Before I don my wedding gown…

Many of you know our proposal story. Some read it on my blog, and others might have read about it in FACES Magazine. rif and I have been dating for more than 8 years, and next week is the day we sign on the dotted line.

Christy has organized a “send-off” party with a few of my close girl friends to mark my last Saturday as a single lady. She practically did all the planning and even helped me source for a new venue after some problems with the initially hen’s night venue. Thanks girl, for doing all this for me!

Aural at KL City Walk will be hosting us tonight — canapes all night long, free drinks for the bride-to-be and special discount drinks for the girls. They are even closing down a section so we can have some privacy. If I’m not mistaken, we even have a DJ to spin for us! I know I’ll be pissed drunk tonight, but what the heck…bring it on girls!!

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  1. haha… have fun darling!

  2. Your wedding ring is nice , mind to tell from what shop ? Thx

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