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Food Vlog: Ikan Bakar

A friend once asked me what local dishes would I recommend to a tourist. I suggested the usual: nasi lemak, asam laksa, roti canai, char kuay teow, satay…and basically all the local delights I could think of. While all the above are important, there is one dish a tourist should not leave Malaysia without trying — IKAN BAKAR. Here are my picks for good ikan bakar in Klang Valley. Enjoy!

Ikan Bakar from Sue Lynn Tiong on Vimeo.


Peep Boutique (wardrobe)
The Aura (accessories)
Kiss Me (Makeup)
Lucido-L (Hair)

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One Responses

  1. t.a.c.a

    i still remember the gerai no3 jalan bellamy because my ex used to bring me there for lunch… superb kuah asam and cecah kicap i say~

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