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Chic Kut Teh @ Country Farm Organics

Organic and chicken. Those two description makes me not want to eat bak kut teh. First of all, bak kut teh should come with plenty of pork ribs and three-layered pork belly. Substituting it with chicken is already bad…but making it organic? Even worse. Or so I thought.

But the organic chic kut teh at Country Farms Organic was actually pretty decent. I ordered it because my regular noodles were not available, and it was a pleasant surprise for me. While it’s nothing like the real deal, the soup was thick, herbal-ly and aromatic. You get to choose between brown rice mee hoon or mee suah to go with the chic kut teh. I chose mee suah.

Not bad at all…but the original pork bak kut teh still rocks. 🙂

*Previous visit HERE.

Organic Chic Kut Teh: 5.5/10 (Halal)
Verdict: A decent alternative to pork bak kut teh.

Country Farm Organics
Ground floor, Bangsar Village,
Bangsar Baru.
03-2284 2094

6 Responses

  1. timing

    CKT, in my opinion … is like those fake vegetarian meat … what's the point? if you wanna eat meat then eat meat, if you wanna be a vegetarian then be a proud one.

    and unless your religion doesn't allow pork intake, then be a proud BKT eater 😀

  2. Waverly Charlotte

    I believe that Country Farms uses the real thing. Anyway, Bangsar-Babe, may I know how much it cost for the CKT?

  3. Sean

    i just realized … there's no bak kut teh anywhere in bangsar, rite? =)

  4. Michelle Chin

    I don't mind chicken with BKT. Just made that for my parents a few days ago with organic chicken thighs. 😀

  5. Bangsar-bAbE

    Michelle – I have to ask…what CAN'T you cook?!! Seems like you can make anything!

    Sean – Yeah…sadly no good ones around. Leonardo's got la…but it's not authentic.

    Waverly – It was RM15.90 inclusive of a drink.

    timing – Tell that to my mum! 😛

  6. KY

    i'll take my drum stick herbal mee suah instead! say no to chikutteh!! must protect our porkkkkk 😛

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