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Grand Palace Restaurant @ Pavilion

This year, my birthday was quiet but memorable. I’ve been celebrating it with a few people on different days starting with a good friend last Friday. We had a session of free-flow champagne (other champagne-based cocktails included) and some nibbles from 7-9pm at Feast Village before adjourning to Grand Palace Restaurant Pavilion for a proper […]

A Wet Thai Restaurant @ Puchong

After reading Mei Yee’s Puchong Food Guide, I asked her to take me for Japanese buffet in Bandar Puteri Puchong. But she told me about this Thai place just across the road called A Wet Thai Restaurant. The restaurant name caught my fancy so I decided to try the food there instead. Unless you live […]

June 28, 2011


Today, I turn 26. Unlike my past birthday celebrations, this year was pretty low-key. I wasn’t looking forward to this day at all. Remember when I said turning 25 was the worst thing ever? Well, I was wrong. Turning 26 is worse, and I foresee it getting worse as I grow older each year. Technically, […]


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