Food Vlog: Little Korea @ Solaris Mon’t Kiara


That means “hello” in Korean. I’ve been a fan of Korean food ever since I watched “Jewel in the Palace”. Now, I can’t get enough of kimchi, pajeon and Korean barbecue. Enjoy this video of Little Korea! :)

Little Korea, Mon’t Kiara from Sue Lynn Tiong on Vimeo.


Peep Boutique (wardrobe)
The Aura (accessories)
Kiss Me (Makeup)
Lucido-L (Hair)

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  1. ka6_jeram says:

    Hi bangsar babe, nice food review. I just have one suggestion. Could you use dedicated external mic?. I have no problem with the video only the sound is muffled. Thanks for great review.

  2. Bangsar-bAbE says:

    I plan to get one. Problem is, I can't connect the external mic to my compact camera. ~_~

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