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Ichiban Boshi @ Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

Friends often wonder why I’m never impulsive. I think it has something to do with my upbringing. As a first-born, I have to set a good example for my siblings. Which explains why I tend to over-analyze things. When I saw the perfect pair of wedding shoes in Pavilion, I hesitated. It cost RM400 and […]

May 30, 2011

Spoon Frozen Yogurt & Smoothie with Clinique

“Pick a smoothie, get new look.” Ok…I don’t fancy change when it comes to my make-up style. So far, this style has worked for me. But I do love trying new make-up products — mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, lip gloss, blusher, bronzer…you name it, I’m game! With any purchase from Spoon (next to Chilis in Mid […]

Aunty Gemuk Char Kuey Teow @ Kelana Jaya

One of my readers asked me if I knew where she could find tasty and halal char kuay teow. I thought long and hard, but couldn’t give her a good answer. In my opinion, a good plate of char kuay teow has to contain these key ingredients — pork lard, lap cheong, prawns and cockles. […]

Club Med Cherating, Day 1

“When the going got tough, Club Med came knocking.” That literally happened, I kid you not! It hasn’t been a good year so far for me; work-wise, life-wise, and wedding-wise. rif and I couldn’t afford to go for the holidays we wanted, as our finances were tied down to our wedding expenses. So when I […]

May 27, 2011

Great company, free-flow alcohol and non-stop eating!

Coming up: An all-inclusive vacation at Club Med Cherating Stay tuned!

Tony Roma’s @ Mid Valley

I still remember the Tony Roma’s Beef Ribs Challenge on July 4, 2009. Yes, I was there for the all-you-can-eat-ribs and no, I didn’t take part in the competition. Although, I have a sneaky feeling I might have won if I did, from the amount of ribs I ate during the buffet — 13 ribs […]

Hailam Kopitiam @ Lucky Garden, Bangsar

A few years ago, I was surfing lowyat.net for some info on a gadget I planned to get for rif’s birthday. That was when I stumbled upon a link called kopitiam. Me being me, I assumed it was a forum on the best coffee/hangout places in Klang Valley. Boy…I was wrong! Lowyat.net’s “kopitiam” was a […]

Yee Wen Thai Food in Kepong

I have a love-hate relationship with Thai food. Love, because I can’t get enough of its spicy, sweet and tangy flavours, pungent fish sauce and fragrant lemongrass. Hate, because it is hard to find affordable, tasty and seemingly authentic Thai food in KL. Yee Wen Thai Restaurant in Kepong Baru happen to be one of […]

Marquise Pâtisserie Chocolaterie @ Bangsar Shopping Centre

Marquise has been open in Bangsar Shopping Centre for more than half a year. I know that because rif and I would walk past it each time we hang out in the shopping mall. Located at the back corner on the ground floor, Marquise displays beautiful cakes, an assortment of artisan chocolates, cookies and cakes. […]

May 19, 2011

Go the XtraMile. Help the children lead a better life!

Dear readers, Do support The Xtra Mile Run and pledge RM10 or more today. Here’s the link. By doing so, you will help light up a child’s future! I aim to raise some funds on my side (target RM10,000), so it would be great if your good selves can help me out. On my part, […]

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