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Food Vlog: Sup Kambing Gerai Maidin @ Lucky Garden, Bangsar

There’s something about sup kambing that makes my mouth water. The tender chunks of mutton, glide-off-the-bone ribs and rich broth makes sup kambing one of my must have dishes, especially on a rainy day! Check out my vlog on of one of the tastiest sup kambing in Klang Valley.

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Sup Kambing Gerai Maidin from Sue Lynn Tiong on Vimeo.

Or watch it on Vimeo


Peep Boutique (wardrobe)
The Aura (accessories)
Kiss Me (Makeup)
Lucido-L (Hair)

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7 Responses

  1. Baby

    the soup looks too thick to my liking. is more like gravy than soup

  2. Bangsar-bAbE

    Yes, it's almost like a gravy. But it's nice that way. If sup kambing is diluted, the flavours won't be shiok. 😉

  3. Sean

    ooh, i heard him say he offers deer tongue! sounds like an interesting dish. i'm pretty sure i haven't tried that before 😀

  4. Pete

    Wow, tender mutton in soup….sounds really delicious

  5. AugustDiners

    i LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Sup Kambing! it's my absolutely favourite supper order!

  6. Bangsar-bAbE

    AugustDiners – Then you should try this one! 🙂

    Pete – It's good stuff. But portion could have been bigger….

    Sean – Hahaha…you can try the deer tongue. I'll stick to deer meat!

  7. CUMI & CIKI

    I'm totally sold watching youuuuu! hehe:P I LOVE the sup kambing here too:) nicely shot!

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