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  • Chan Chan Yong Tau Foo, StarMetro February 2011

Chan Chan Yong Tau Foo, StarMetro February 2011

Read my food column in StarMetro today!

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4 Responses

  1. email2me

    Wah …. a lot people are writing about this place …..

    Is it that good?

  2. Kenshin Asuka

    I just read the article this morning. I understand that the service there isn't that terrific. Since I and my family visited that place many times, I'd recommend you to arrive between 5:30 pm and 6:15 pm. This way you don't have to wait for the dinner for so long.

  3. Sin Tai Lim

    I read it. Well done & keep it up…

  4. Bangsar-bAbE

    Tai Lim – Thanks!!

    Kenshin – Thanks for the tip. Will go there during non-peak hours next time. 😉

    email2me – It's alright. Not the best I've eaten, but still pretty decent. Skip the fish head curry though!

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