DOVE® Chocolate – The new way to de-stress!


When I’m stressed out, I like to bake. Baking can be quite therapeutic, especially when the end results are nice. Sadly, there were times my baking experiments turned out to be a total disaster.I was trying to bake a rich dark chocolate cupcake so I googled for the recipe online and got to work. The recipe wasn’t accurate. And in the end, I was left with a huge mess, and MORE STRESS!


Enter DOVE® Chocolate. It melts fairly quickly when you pop it in your mouth, giving you a taste of chocolate instantly. Every bite was smooth and creamy, and I reckon the smoothness comes from plenty of cocoa butter.

The other thing I liked about the chocolate is the silkiness of the bar, something not commonly found in consumer chocolates. These chocolates had a lasting finish, and gave me a longer “Mmmmmmm” feeling. It had that chocolate lava centre feel, but definitely less messy – I don’t have to clean up.
I found DOVE® Dark Chocolate to be less bitter than many others chocolates. Good thing is, it is easier to eat. Bad thing is, it is easier to eat! And knowing me, one bar isn’t enough.
The DOVE® Milk Chocolate had a strong dairy taste with a hint of vanilla. This was sweeter than the dark chocolate, so if you’re not a fan of sweet things, you would probably like the dark chocolate better.The other two chocolate flavours available are DOVE® Milk Chocolate with Hazelnut, Almond & Raisin and DOVE® Chocolate with Crispy Rice. While these were quite good, I preferred the DOVE® Dark Chocolate. Simple is always best, I believe.Now that I found an easier way to de-stress and have my “me-time”, I don’t think I would bake as often anymore. Sorry rif, you’ll have to get your cupcakes from the bakery! =P

Go get yourself some DOVE® Chocolate today, and enjoy 10 minutes (or more, if you like!) of “me-time”. Retails at RM2.90 per bar. See, told you it’s affordable!

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  1. eiling lim says:

    yeah yeah no need to bake la.. just pop a bar of Dove! I like! thanks for supporting MARS brands! hehe

  2. Dennis Ong says:

    wahahaha… eiling need to so hard sell ur brand meh? LoL

    But it does look good tho~~ =)

  3. thule a.k.a leo says:

    LOL at your messy face :P you sure are not pai seh in getting dirty huh???

  4. Baby Sumo says:

    Is Dove the equivalent of Galaxy from UK?

  5. Bangsar-bAbE says:

    Baby Sumo – Hmmmm…I don't think so. They are very different in taste.

    leo – Hahaha…nope! I don't quite care one. =P

    Dennis – It's quite good — and it's affordable!

    eiling – The pleasure is mine. Literally! Too bad one bar is too small… >.<

  6. Haha, this looks like an awesome chocolate commercial! ;)

  7. Packaging looks like Galaxy, I love those chocolates!

  8. Bangsar-bAbE says:

    rubinho – Thanks! :)

    Leo – Me too!

    Baby Sumo – I just checked with Dove. Yup…it's the equivalent of Galaxy. ;)

  9. LOL, Your photos made me smile – and that’s how I feel about good chocolate too; the ability to make any bad day become better. I was given a sample of Dove chocolate at the LRT station today and was wondering where to get it in Malaysia. Do you still buy the bars and where do get them from?

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