Hot-Can – Gets Hot Anytime, Anywhere!

At my former workplace, my room was at the first floor. But the pantry was at the third floor. I hated dragging my lazy ass upstairs just to get a hot drink. Once I got my hot coffee, I’d take it SLOWLY down the stairs and into my room, where it turns cold in less than 10 minutes. I tried putting it on a cup warmer I got (using the USB port), but it was barely warm. Room temperature maybe. Then I found Hot-Can, which heats up on its own, via a heating mechanism that also happens to be eco-friendly. The bottom of the can contains a heating catalyst, and all you need to do is to push the actuator button which crushes the seal separating the catalyst ingredients. Water is then released into the quicklime, starting a reaction that heats the contents of the can by 50-55°C in less than 3 minutes.

Speech by Dato Kenneth Kolb, CEO of Hot Can Malaysia
Here’s a step by step guide on how to activate your Hot-Can:

1) Turn the can over and read the instructions.

2) Peel off the anti-tamper label

3) Push the button to activate the self-heating function.

4) Shake the can for 2-3 minutes until the green button lights up.
This indicates that the steaming has stopped.

5) Open the can and enjoy your hot hot hot drink!


Even the coaster turns red hot!

Marcus & I

Dato Kenneth asked me what I wanted in the can, and I said, “Soup please!” A brilliant concept, don’t you think? Hot-Can comes in a Hot Chocolate, Cafe Latte & Mocha (new) flavour, retailing at RM8.80 per can. Thank for the invite, Nazeen.

Hot-Can, Anytime & Anywhere!

*For more information on Hot-Can, log on to their website at

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  1. thule a.k.a leo says:

    Wow!!! Speaking of technology :)
    but does it contain any chemical???

  2. Wooow! Will get a try!

  3. vialentino says:

    raelly spicy drink ah? i like the ads…the chilli one….cool lah

  4. eiling lim says:

    ahhh so nice. i missed this event! hehe

  5. happyBanana says:

    pricey for a can of hot coffee. get a microwave in your office and heat up whenever you want. saves more cost in the long run, and green house gasses too :)

  6. Bangsar-bAbE says:

    happyBanana – A bit pricey yes, but I kind of like the concept!

    eiling – Yeah…bila mau minum? Miss you la!

    vialentino – Not spicy. It's just piping hot. ;)

    Mavis – =)

    leo – I hope not! =P

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