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The Kensington Crêperie, London

There were many things I wanted to eat in London, so I made a list. On top of my list was Cafe Crêperie at South Kensington. Kinga, my flatmate in uni came to London to meet me, and I eagerly suggested crêpes for lunch.This little cafe is just a stone’s throw from the South Kensington tube station, and a walking distance from Harrods or The Victoria & Albert Museum. The restaurant is so small and often packed with people, that you tend to bang elbows with your neighbours. Service was slightly hasty that day – the restaurant was very crowded. Not a good place to go to if you want a quiet lunch. It gets pretty chaotic during peak hours, especially when there’s a long queue outside.

Daily specials

I tried this during my visit to London in 2007 – rif’s sister took us there for brunch. Back then, this blog did not exist so I didn’t take pictures of my food. This time around, I made sure I did.

They don’t stinge on ingredients!

This place makes really good crêpes, both savoury and sweet. They use two types of flour — white Froment flour or the dark nutty-flavoured Sarazzin flour (100% Buckwheat). The crêpes are thin and crispy on the outside, and bursting with ingredients on the inside. My Mona Liza (£7.75) comprised feta cheese, spinach, mushroom, crispy bacon, egg (soft or hard) and cheddar cheese. I asked for soft egg in my crêpe. It was incredibly satisfying. The addition of spinach gave the filling a bit of texture and helped balance the richness of the cheese. Kinga went for the Spicy Chicken Tandoori Crêpe (£7.75). I had a bite, and found it to be pretty interesting. I never knew tandoori would go well with cheese and ratatouille (stewed vegetables). Despite the word “spicy”, this crêpe was hardly spicy. My brother who tagged along for lunch had the New York Special (£7.75), which was crêpe with crispy bacon, brie, egg (soft or hard) and cheddar cheese. I liked this, but it might be a tad cloying for those who prefer their food lightly flavoured. My latte (£2 – large) was good – then again, coffees in UK are generally good. I reckon it’s the milk they use. Good stuff!

I wanted to order the crêpe with Belgian chocolate and white Chantilly cream, but my lunch companions were too full to share it with me. And silly me had a pretty big breakfast 2 hours before. +_+

You have to try this when you’re in London!

Ambiance: 6/10
Price: 5/10
Food: 8/10
Verdict: Tres tres yummy crêpes. Go there early, as the place gets packed very quickly.

2 Exhibition Road,
London, SW7 2HF
Tel: 020 7559 8947
Business Hours:
Tuesday to Sunday: 11.00am – 11.30pm
Monday: 12noon – 11.30pm

I miss her already…

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London – Day 1

I love London. The underground, walking in the city, the coffee parlours, the kebab shops, roast duck at Bayswater, pork pies, fish & chips, fresh milk, pastries, pub food and the shopping. I also enjoy the slightly morbid weather during winter. It makes drinking coffee and hot chocolate all the more enjoyable, don’t you think?My parents and I were in UK to attend my brother’s graduation ceremony in Nottingham. I flew to London 5 days earlier, because I wanted to enjoy the city as much as I could. When I saw the city from the plane, I was thrilled. My brother on the other hand, let out a groan, “I hate London. I don’t get why you like it so much!” I ignored him. We stayed near the Earls Court Station, which was pretty convenient as the station had three underground lines – Piccadilly, Circle and District line. Since we arrived before the check-in time, we left our bags at the hotel and went to Covent Garden to walk around. Had lunch at this place called Café Pompidou. Brother had the Double English Breakfast (£5.95) while I tried their Beef Burger (£6.50). My lunch was crappy. The burger was so dry, I might as well chew on a cardboard. The patty was tasteless and it crumbled at every bite. Even the burger bun taste stale and cheap. Worst, the bun was burnt on top. I felt ripped off. Only the fries were decent.

Possibly the worst burger I’ve eaten, ever!

My brother’s English Breakfast was better. But how hard is it to prepare a meal comprising bacon, sausages, baked bean, eggs, tomatoes and toast? Went to Tesco and got my favourite dessert – Tiramisu. For only £2, I-kid-you-not! *heart*


Bottoms up!
Checked into our hotel, showered and went for drinks with my brother’s friends (who were in UK for their graduation) at The Sussex. Had a couple of Strongbows and a Big Ben Burger (£9.25), to make up for my horrible meal earlier.

Heart attack on a plate?

“6 oz. rump steak patty in a sesame seed bun with lettuce, tomato, cheese, bacon & free range egg, served with chips and BBQ sauce.” Good stuff. The patty was thick and moist, while the bacon, melted cheese and egg added flavour, texture and richness to the burger. Not the best burger I’ve had, but it ranks somewhere at the top.

We hung out at Covent Garden until 8-ish, before I felt tired and went to bed at 9. I blame the jet lag. =P

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July 27, 2010

Zoo Outing with the Myanmar Kids

On the 5th of June, we took the Myanmar children to Zoo Negara. This time, some of the Rotaract Club members joined us — 25 kids, 10 volunteers, 7 cars. The kids were excited, as they hardly got to go out. I tag you, you tag me. Eleena handing out water to Dim Dim Whatcha […]

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