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The Kensington Crêperie, London

There were many things I wanted to eat in London, so I made a list. On top of my list was Cafe Crêperie at South Kensington. Kinga, my flatmate in uni came to London to meet me, and I eagerly suggested crêpes for lunch.This little cafe is just a stone’s throw from the South Kensington […]

London – Day 1

I love London. The underground, walking in the city, the coffee parlours, the kebab shops, roast duck at Bayswater, pork pies, fish & chips, fresh milk, pastries, pub food and the shopping. I also enjoy the slightly morbid weather during winter. It makes drinking coffee and hot chocolate all the more enjoyable, don’t you think?My […]

July 27, 2010

Zoo Outing with the Myanmar Kids

On the 5th of June, we took the Myanmar children to Zoo Negara. This time, some of the Rotaract Club members joined us — 25 kids, 10 volunteers, 7 cars. The kids were excited, as they hardly got to go out. I tag you, you tag me. Eleena handing out water to Dim Dim Whatcha […]

I’m back!

Just got home from my trip yesterday evening. I visited London, Paris, Luton, Nottingham and London again, before coming back to KL. My parents were more keen on shopping than sightseeing, so they spent most of their time strolling along Champs Elysee in Paris and Oxford Street in London. +_+ Good thing I saw most […]

Bavarian Bierhaus @ The Curve

After eating pork knuckles in Germany, I found it difficult to really enjoy the pork knuckles here. Many times, it is either dry, tough or stringy. Or all of what I just said. But I heard pretty good things about the pork knuckles at Bavarian Bierhaus in The Curve.Good thing we called to make a […]

Silver Spoon Trattoria @ Kepong (2nd Visit)

On our 7th Anniversary, we choose to go to Silver Spoon Trattoria to celebrate. That’s because rif and I used to frequent Chef Ken’s place on special occasions when we started dating. I made a reservation, and they gave us a nice table at the corner, away from the crowd.Pardon the not-so-good-pictures. Our spot was […]

July 18, 2010

Bonjour from Paris!

The weather is great, and not everyone here is snooty. My parents got me a bag from Louis Vuitton (thank you mummy & daddy!). Had the steak frites and liver pate for lunch yesterday (will blog about it when I get back). I want to eat more French food, but my parents are not so […]

July 16, 2010

Hot-Can – Gets Hot Anytime, Anywhere!

At my former workplace, my room was at the first floor. But the pantry was at the third floor. I hated dragging my lazy ass upstairs just to get a hot drink. Once I got my hot coffee, I’d take it SLOWLY down the stairs and into my room, where it turns cold in less […]

July 15, 2010

Spotted at Che Che New York!

Was at Che Che New York Mid Valley, and saw this!

July 14, 2010

Hello from London!

View of London bridge…as the plane was landing! Hey all, it’s my 4th day here in London, and am loving every bit of it! Unfortunately, my brother isn’t as ecstatic as I am about London. He doesn’t like it here. Never did. The weather can be a bit bonkers at times, but on average, it’s […]

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