Seeing Double – Part 2

Got a tweet from Harinder about this blogger who copied my blog post and took my pictures without permission. My pictures were cropped to remove the watermark, plus my content was copied almost word for word. Here’s proof:

The culprit

My original picture was cropped to remove the watermark

Cropped picture, copied text underlined

Refer to my original post to spot the similarities, or better put, PLAGIARISM! Who knows, you might spot more copying than I did. Thanks Harinder, for telling me!

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  1. Well, stealing (without even linking back to your blog!) is wrong… but there is always this danger when you post up on the internet because you cannot control idiots….

  2. ~Thinke®~ says:

    Ha! that's bad.. real bad… don't they anything batter to do?? if wanna do a post… just go there n try it yourself lar… y copy?? =s

  3. Myhorng says:

    be proud, ppl only copy something they think it's good. hahaha

  4. they took the trouble to remove watermark?! recently came back this site too, plain copy of ppl's blog post without proper linking back to author's blog… :(

  5. LightYoruichi says:

    Eh what to do….you're too good mah, and they can't reach your level so they used your stuff to become somewhere your level.

  6. iamthewitch says:

    You know, they might have done it to gain traffic! You shouldn't have linked them… Argh.. detest plagiarism!

  7. they say that imitation is the best form of flattery… but not in this case IMO.

    such conduct is just sad…

  8. Julian Si says:

    That's plain … TASTELESS :-( Tsk tsk tsk!

    I buy you a drink OK … calm ya nerves!

  9. taking your pictures without crediting you? worst is copying word by word? is this person so extremely lazy?

  10. Lovinlife says:

    Isn't it fascinating to discover there are such people around?
    And I seriously wonder why do the other blogger bother to post about a place, where he/she doesn't have his/her own opinion on.

  11. Angeline Wong says:

    You can smack your watermark right in the middle of your picture, a little bigger perhaps. I bet they cant crop this time :)

  12. BaBy OcTopUs says:

    Ya, smack your watermark in the middle of the pic. i know it's a bit annoying but i did the same too for mine. you can't control what people do and write online, we can only curse them. haha~ cheers!

  13. "Joe" who is constantly craving says:

    that must suck..but cool that bloggers out there recognise ur work!

  14. Simon Seow says:

    Copy cats never die on the Internet huh. Sigh.

  15. Simon Seow says:

    I got the blogger's name lol Chuan Yuan Ong. Yet he's so proud to put the blog url on his tweeter and facebook.

  16. UnkaLeong says:

    Wow! word for word some more. That's Bad! But goes to show, you femmes mar ;)

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