Daddy’s Girl

My dad has always been strong-willed – he taught me how to fight for myself. When I was 7, I was picked on at school and went home crying non-stop. The next day, my dad told my bully to stop picking on me. He also told me that he cannot protect me forever. I have to know how and when to fight for myself. People kept telling my parents that I should have been born a boy; I used to act like one. I grew up strong and driven – thanks to him. I may be his first born, and he tells his friends I am the most determined among all his children. But deep down, I know he will always see me as his little girl.

Greedy me with daddy at the zoo

Happy Father’s Day!
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  1. ~Thinke®~ says:

    lol… u look cute n chubby there… =) what a great father u have…

    Happy Father's Day to all the father out there!!


  2. woah… great :!!
    first time been here..

  3. CUMI & CIKI says:

    awww… so gorgeous the picture, and u r also gorgeous now! don't change.. :)

  4. Biopolymath says:

    An inspiring post!

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