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Leonardo’s Dining Room and Wine Loft @ Jalan Bangkung, Bangsar

Many people think I’m difficult to please when it comes to food. Quite the contrary actually. Just give me a hearty meal comprising pork and dessert, and I’m satisfied. Unless the pork has a cardboard-like texture and tastes like cement. LB usually gets it right. He recently hosted a wine dinner at Leonardo’s Dining Room […]

Happy Jack’s Gourmet Burger @ Desa Sri Hartamas

In July last year, I wrote about my Top 5 Street Burgers in StarMetro. On that day itself, I received numerous emails from readers – some asked me for directions, some told me my selections were spot on and some said they did not agree with my top five picks. I also received emails from […]

Munich, Germany

Awfully back-dated post. I know, someone smack me please! Schloss Nymphenburg One of my favourite pictures of the trip! The Nymphenburg palace and its park is one of the most famous sights of Munich. rif and I visited the park, but we did not enter the palace. It cost €10 per entrance fee. In the […]

Chillex Cafe @ Puchong

I was recently invited to the grand opening of Chillex Cafe in Puchong. Without a GPS, I’m hopeless with directions – I took a wrong turning and ended up in god-knows-which-part-of-Puchong. After going round and round for an hour, and wailing to rif on the phone, he managed to calm me down and point me […]

June 25, 2010

25 Things About Me

Since I’m turning A QUARTER OF A CENTURY soon, I decided to do this meme, so you can get to know me a little bit better! 1) When I tilt my head at a ¾ angle, my other eye looks smaller. I’ve yet to master the skill of smiling evenly. 2) I always want the […]

June 24, 2010

Fresh and alive again!

I love the limelight and I love going for events (the good ones at least). There’s something I like about wearing nice dresses and standing in front of the backdrop smiling, as the cameras click away. And with the free flow of alcohol, life can’t get any better! But there are times I get home […]

June 23, 2010

Charity Work – Updates

A few people have been donating money for the betterment of the children at START and the Myanmar kids in Puchong. Since I’m the one managing the funds and buying food supplies for the kids, I thought I’d update everyone on the situation. I will include the receipts and list down the items I’ve been […]

Bao Bao Pan Mee @ Aman Suria

After our lunch at Cha Cha Pan Mee not too long ago, rif insisted I try Bao Bao Pan Mee (just a few doors down the road), as he thinks the pan mee there is nicer. Truth be told, I wasn’t keen on trying the noodles. But, relationships are about compromising, so compromise I did. […]

Menglembu Honey Chicken, Ipoh

An Ipoh friend told me about this awesome honey chicken in Menglembu, and that I have to get there by 8pm, or else, there won’t be any left. Since we were in Ipoh, I insisted that we look for it. Menglembu is about a 15 minutes drive from Ipoh Town. A few wrong turns and […]

June 20, 2010

Daddy’s Girl

My dad has always been strong-willed – he taught me how to fight for myself. When I was 7, I was picked on at school and went home crying non-stop. The next day, my dad told my bully to stop picking on me. He also told me that he cannot protect me forever. I have […]

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