The bitchiness…as expected.

Contestant A: So how tall are you again?

B-Babe: 5’6 inches.


Contestant A: Ohh….good thing you wear 6-inch heels.

B-Babe: Yeah…good thing. (maintains coolness…while resisting the urge to punch Contestant A)

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  1. ahahahahhahahahahhaa =)

  2. ai wei says:

    who is that contestant?! number???

  3. LOL. Such lovely behaviour!

  4. ah… I see, for some, beauty IS just skin deep.

  5. ~Christine~Leng says:

    @.@ i hate bitchy ppl too ;)

  6. worldwindows says:

    My wife has a couple of 6inches or was it 4? I like it.

  7. Bangsar-bAbE says:

    worldwindows – Damn painful lor…cannot feel your toes after that!

    Christine – You get a lot of that in pageants. >.<

    TL – Hahahaha…

    J – Typical pageant tactic, that one. =_=

    ai wei – Tell you when I see you…hahaha.

    Eric – =_=

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