Miss Universe Malaysia 2010

More pictures of the pageant Gala Night, courtesy of Claudia and rif. Last year, I was at Claudia’s table with the chairman and his friends taking pictures of the finalists (her and Christy included). This year, they sat at the same spot cheering for me!

The stage…I think last year’s stage was better. Workmanship wasn’t so good this year.

Claudia and Christy

Claudia (centre) with Joannabelle and Cassandra

Claudia wasn’t given the same benefits as Cassandra and Joannabelle. Usually, the winner, 1st runner-up and 2nd runner-up would get their hair and make-up done before the gala night. Poor Claudia wasn’t given the same treatment (they gave free hair and make-up to Joannabelle and Cassandra only). She had to do her own hair and make-up. Biased, don’t you think?

Claudia took pictures of her dinner, because she knew I would want to know what they ate. =)

Opening walk (picture by Claudia)

rif had a good seat this year…at the table across Claudia and Christy.

Introduction (picture by rif)

Bikini round (picture by rif)

Walking towards the audience (picture by Claudia)

Evening gown (picture by rif). I love this shot!

I had my front and back covered (picture by Claudia). *winks*

On stage with the girls (pictures by rif)

With rif at the after party


Christy. Thanks gurl, for helping me pull through!

KC, Chu Chu, rif and I

Thanks rif, Claudia and Christy, for supporting me. I didn’t expect to see rif, as I told him not to come. Save money ma…none of the proceeds will go to charity (so I heard). But he secretly got himself a ticket and went. *hugs*

Thanks Ciki, for taking me out right after I checked out of the hotel, and for the lovely goodies. I had fun! Meena and Bald Eagle, you guys have always been so sweet — thanks for the support. Jek, Lisa and Mike (who’s been there for me since my first pageant), thanks for being there…and for the much needed char siew sessions.

Jeen, Tgin and Shum, thank you for also checking up on me, and for making sure I don’t sink into bitch-land. LB, Fui Ping, LA, thanks for taking me out and cheering me up over good food and great wine.

And a BIG, BIG THANK YOU to all my readers,
who rooted for me all the way!

Sue Lynn

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  1. Lyrical Lemongrass says:

    It's always good to have friends whom you can lean on (I feel like bursting into song now). Glad we could be there for you (in spirit, unfortunately). Take care and keep smiling, sweetie. :-)

  2. always supporting the hot one from Bangsar… hehehehe


  3. Inconsistent says:

    Ehhhh… COME LAR… there's more to eat lah… Ah Sang BKT, Village Park Nasi Lemak, Sunrise Duck…

    Glad to know you are in #chowtut mode again… let's makan soon.

  4. Love your gowns and nice hairstyle too :). Wished I could be there to see you in person on stage. More opportunities to come babe! Keep it up.

  5. CUMI & CIKI says:

    MEENA!! stop making me LOL!! what song u gonna burst out into huh..:P

    anyway, great job darling. not easy doing a pageant really but u did it!! so congrats. see u soon now that u can start pigging out again;)

  6. iamthewitch says:

    What an event, I'm sure with lots of ups and downs eh? But you pulled through, with style, I must say! I absolutely loved your white and black gowns… You looked amazing! :) btw, did you notice in the picture that you loved (black gown), there's this indian girl behind you who looked like she's wearing a mask! Dear lord, is this the best the make up team could come up with?
    Finally, regarding Claudia, I thought she looked gorgeous! So what if she didn't get the free makeup/hairdo, I think she's much better of on her own. I didn't think the other two looked as good as her! ;)

  7. Fui Ping says:

    heyyyyy… i spy my name!!! :-D
    you're most welcome girl. big hugz for getting thru the entire event like a strong mature lady! :-)

  8. vialentino says:

    wow…nice pics and u look gorgeous on the stage…a very good experience…

  9. Claudia Sibert says:

    iamthewitch: thank you and I love you!

  10. iamthewitch says:

    Claudia: You're most welcome! :)))

  11. Bangsar-bAbE says:

    vialentino – Thanks. I think it's more of a good lesson. Experience…wasn't so good. The pageant wasn't well organised. Since they changed organisers.

    Fui Ping – Catch up soon!

    iamthewitch – Thanks. Yeah…I have no idea how come the make-up artists did such horrible make-up. Good thing the one I got was a senior. So she did a pretty ok job.

    Yeah…Claudia looks better than the other two! ;)

    Cumi & Ciki – See ya!

    Lisa – Thanks. No need to be there. No point wasting money. One seat costs RM500, and none goes to charity. Heck, I told my family and friends NOT to go. =P

    Inconsistent – Yes, I'm in a greater #chowtut mode these days.

    Eric – Thanks!! =D

    LL – Thanks love!

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