An iPhone 3GS!

After the snatch thief incident, I’ve been making do with my old Nokia 6230, that dies on me all the time. KC was nice enough to lend me his spare phone while I decide on a new phone (Thanks KC!). I nearly bought the Asus Garmin, but at the last minute, rif and I decided it wasn’t as impressive as the iPhone. In terms of looks. Thanks Charlie, for helping me out. I’m now the proud new owner of an iPhone 3GS...as of yesterday 24th April 2010. *grins* But, I still haven’t gotten used to all the functions. And the phone sometimes doesn’t want to listen to me. Someone please teach me how to use it properly…can? =_=

Happy! =D

*NOTE: This is NOT an advertorial for Digi.

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  1. hey, thanks for mentioning my name. haha glad you are happy with your new baby.

    Now you can try asking Digi to sponsor you for promoting DiGi's iPhone….

  2. seems good, feel like getting 1 also..turbo 3g does sound interesting. anyway, have fun with the apple applications=)

  3. nice phone, but why isn't it a blackberry! :P

  4. mmm why iPHONE when u could've gotten the Blackberry???? eeeshhh =P

  5. Dah agak will get those fanboys trying to say their BB is better than iPhone. Geez.

    Sue Lynn, you know who to find la… No need to shy shy one…

    Sorry had to cancel today. Grr. :(

  6. Yay! +1 for Team iPhone! :) :)
    (Oh, the most useful tip that I was told is that the little switch on the top left side easily turns the phone into Silent mode… I am so blur that I didn't even notice it there until until my colleague pointed it out! Haha… )

  7. UnkaLeong says:

    Nexus One! Hahaha…It's a really intuitive phone ;) Am sure you will do fine :P

  8. sibu food diva says:

    yay! :) welcome to the club!

  9. Unka: Intuitive? I watched your GF almost throw it against the wall after a few days using. Hehehe. She was seriously considering selling it off. Intuitive means you know how to use it immediately. She didn't know how to answer calls also. So funny!

  10. thule a.k.a leo says:

    Ah… iPhone 3GS… initially I bought the phone coz I thought that it was uber COOL! But now.. I don't even have spare time to fickle around with it.
    The most important thing is to download iTunes into your computer and sync all the contacts with Microsoft Outlook from there :)
    You might also want to consider purchasing a To-Do-List (Nubi Do) at USD0.99 coz it's simpler and easier to use compared to the Calendar function!
    You can also opt to do your own ringtone :) google iRinger and you can sync the ringtone into your phone soon!
    I learned a lot of new things while fiddling with the iPhone.. the copy & paste function. The magnifier function, etc!!!

  11. Simon Seow says:

    Firstly congrats on making it into the finalist of Miss Universe Malaysia 2010. Secondly, congrats on owning a iPhone kekeke, I will just stick with the LG GW525 that I will be collecting this Thursday lol.

  12. Bangsar-bAbE says:

    Simon – Thanks, and thanks!

    leo – Waaa…thanks for the tips. Will go download them ASAP! =)

    Joan – Thanks! ;)

    Unka – I hope so…rif has to teach me.

    J – Hahaha….thanks for pointing that out to me. Now I know how to turn it on silent mode. =P

    marcky – No worries…we meet up soon k? ;)

    Eric – I like mar…but iPhone or BB, now I can tweet you on the go!! =D

    KY – Hahaha…last minute decision.

    Ken Jun – Thanks!

    Charlie – LOL…I doubt they will. >.<

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