FACES Magazine, April ’10

One good review, one not so good review. Both out of the city.

Grab a copy at the nearest magazine stand!

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  1. Pan Heong, reached b4 noon also need to Q for table. I think better go breakfast time for lunch. Keke

  2. waa fehmes!

  3. hehehehe yeah man havta wait damn long wan… but the food is DAMN GOOOODDD!!!

  4. khengsiong says:

    Pan Heong opens for half-day only ah?

  5. Bangsar-bAbE says:

    khengsiong – Yup…opens from 8am till 3pm.

    Eric – Hehehe…too bad the prawns were not that big when we went!

    KY – Thank you. But no lar…it's a small column only.

    Myhorng – Next time…you go and line up for me first. Then once you order I come. =P

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