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April 30, 2010

Cava @ Jalan Bangkung

This week has been crazy. I had to rush all my work before pageant week, finish my articles due at the same time because of bad planning (not on my part) and pack all the necessary items for the Miss Universe Malaysia 2010 pageant. Anyway, Cava at Jalan Bangkung recently had a relaunch, and they […]

April 29, 2010

Seeri Authentic Thai Restaurant @ SS2

I read about Seeri Authentic Thai Restaurant from KY’s blog a few months back, and told myself I’d check the place out when I’m around the area. I forgot about it, but rif didn’t. “Remember you said you wanted to check out that Thai place KY blogged about in SS2?” he said.I couldn’t recall where […]

April 28, 2010

Miss Universe Malaysia 2010

Some of you may have heard or read about my participation in this year’s Miss Universe Malaysia. It’s true. While the last pageant was difficult to overcome, I’ve decided to try again. rif, being the ever supporting boyfriend persuaded me to join, one last time. I thought about it long and hard, before I decided […]

Hakka Restaurant @ Kuala Lumpur

During PC Fair on Saturday, rif dragged me around like a bedraggled puppy, looking for his new monitor. Ok lar…not THAT drama — rif took me along to find his new monitor, but I did feel like a puppy being dragged into the human mob, hall after hall after hall. Once we were done, we […]

April 26, 2010

Hometown Hainan Coffee @ Kota Damansara

Just when we thought we’ve seen enough of kopitiams mushrooming around the city, rif and I spotted Hometown Hainan Coffee when we were in Kota Damansara recently. There were quite a few patrons in the shop, so we decided to check the place out. The decor was cosy, with a mini lounge with magazines and […]

April 25, 2010


An iPhone 3GS! After the snatch thief incident, I’ve been making do with my old Nokia 6230, that dies on me all the time. KC was nice enough to lend me his spare phone while I decide on a new phone (Thanks KC!). I nearly bought the Asus Garmin, but at the last minute, rif […]

April 24, 2010

Ole Ole Bali @ Solaris Mon’t Kiara

Someone treated rif to lunch at Ole-Ole Bali a few weeks back and he told me the food was quite good. According to him, it was better than Bumbu Bali (same group of restaurants). Since we were running some errands around the area, he took me to try the food there. Ole-Ole Bali has a […]

April 22, 2010

A little love goes a long way…

I got to know Christy when we participated in Miss World Malaysia 2009 and we kept in touch regularly after the pageant ended. Over a recent dim sum session, we decided to visit the kids at StART Foundation, and did so a few days ago. We also got Claudia to come along with us. A […]

April 21, 2010

Restauran Gou Lou @ Damansara Utama

Restoran Gou Lou recently opened in Damansara Utama, and is located along the same row as Fusion, Sukico Hainan Cafe and Jin Xuan Hong Kong. Their main highlight is the Fish Head Noodles and Tom Yam Seafood Noodles, but Curry Noodles is also available. rif and I got there early and got ourselves a nice […]

April 20, 2010

Wah Kiow Hakka Yong Tau Fu @ Jalan Peel

Wah Kiow Hakka Yong Tau Fu is very popular among people who live around the area — according to rif’s mum, it has been operating along Jalan Peel for almost 20 years. Expect no-frills dining; the place is a wooden shack with zinc roof, and plastic tables and chairs placed along the roadside. Not an […]

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