Never trust a skinny food writer?

Many new acquaintances ask if I really eat the food I blog about. They say I don’t look as if I love to eat. Recently at events, I talked to a few people and told them I wrote about food. These are some of the comments I got:

“You’re very skinny for a food writer.”

“You don’t look like you eat much.”


That last comment got to me.
I’m not upset at the person who made that comment, because I too, am guilty of generalising. I don’t trust a skinny chef as much as I do for a rotund one. The more obese the chef, the better the food, or so I thought. But that isn’t true, because I know a few chefs who are great cooks and they don’t look anything like the picture below.

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Contrary to what people think, I don’t eat out/pig out all the time. I have selected days when I indulge and the rest of the time, my dinner comprises a bowl of oats and juice (blog post on that coming soon). That, and coupled with exercise is how I keep in shape. It doesn’t matter whether I’m skinny or fat, I believe I know a fair bit about food — what is good or isn’t good*.

*Disclaimer: My thoughts on food are based on my personal opinions. I will not be held responsible if any disappointments were to occur.

What’s your take on skinny food writers/food bloggers?

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  1. What,just because a person ain't fat,he/she has no taste in food?

    I guess the main reason most people think that way is coz they associate body size with amount of food consumed = experience. Just that they don't realize that people with high metabolism can be equally experienced, but just don't grow as much at all.

    Just one look at how u describe food in ur posts is all that I need to trust ur taste. I don't even need to know how u look like :)

  2. agree with EVo.

    is your 'fook hei' ok.. eat but dun get fat. not everyone can do tat.

    some fat people don't have the taste of food.. so skinny doesn't mean you are 1 of these people.

  3. Wow! Tat's ain't true. Some ppl "like" me who has metabolism, ate twice as much others also won't gain any meat.

    I'm a very good example. lol!

  4. Lol. Funny how ppl judge according to stereotypes…

  5. well, some people have reliable tastebuds, but they don't overeat, so they probably remain slim because they have exactly the right amount and type of food for each meal. that's something i really need to learn: not to overeat!!!

  6. tracieMoo says:

    I would absolutely disagree that chefs and food bloggers have to be fat! The most important thing is balance, like what you said. Keeping regular exercises and healthy diets and treat yourself on weekends.
    Although I would have to say that God isn't pretty fair on everyone's different metabolism rate. Owh well, some people just have to work harder and pig out less compared to the skinny ones.
    Keep writing. I've been silently following your reviews as I find it very truthful. Share me some tips on the juice! I would love to hear about them :)

  7. Big Boys Oven says:

    hahah this is very subjective! :)

  8. Ciana Carrie says:

    That's not fair. Whether a writer is skinny or fat doesn't matter. What matters is the taste.

    (Though I usually trust my own taste buds.)

  9. I think some people are just so lucky, even though they eat so much they don't get fat all, and some people are not that lucky, even don't eat much calories but they just "big". Thus, I don't think skinny or fat has to do with being a good food writer/blogger.

  10. taste is matter of personal preference…….however, unfortunately….it is because it is….from my experience (probably I am an unlucky one)…recommendation from friends who are stick thin generally ended up badly for me most of the time….

    But this is a personal opinion not directing to you, its just a general conceptual thoughts of mine…..

    But hey… each their own….

  11. Hey, I think I remember this conversation. Don't think too much of it. It's a bit of old fashioned thinking. (^_^) Keep writing!

  12. UnkaLeong says:

    Size doesn't matter when it comes to food :P Having said that taste is also very subjective.

    One man's meat, is another man's poison?

  13. Simon Seow says:

    Choi Lan also not very big in size but he's a very famous food writer.

  14. gosh our own fingers oso come in diff length ler! tsk tsk tsk

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