Life after pageants

I was first persuaded to participate in a beauty pageant when I was 18. Back then, I wasn’t interested in such things, so I brushed it aside. Upon graduating, I was again persuaded to join a pageant. I was a few months shy of turning 22. At 23, I caved and entered my first pageant.

With my friend Lissy in UK. I was 21.

Elisabeth & I during Miss Malaysia Universe 2008

Food Review after MMU 2008

Launch of Miss Malaysia Universe 2009

With Nigel of Just Heavenly Pleasures

Dinner with Becks and Meena

Simply put, pageants changed me. Some people said that they like the old me better. They want the Sue Lynn who doesn’t give two shits about how she looks and who doesn’t need to look in the mirror 5 times a day, worry about her fine lines or stresses about her flabby areas all the time. Then, there are some who like the newer and vainer me.

Miss World Malaysia 2009

I was browsing through my photos on Facebook earlier, and realised just how much I have changed. But I’d like to think that the change is only on the outside, as I’m very much the same greedy girl who finishes her burgers in 5 bites or less.

The girl who walks around the house in baggy t-shirts, who never remembers which cutleries to use at a fine dining restaurant and whose idea of a chill-out session involves sitting at her favourite coffeeshop, drinking SKOL beer and eating greasy burgers to sober up.

Absolut event

Veuve Clicquot event

August Man event

Che Che New York

Hennessy Artistry

Marcus & I @ Hennessy Artistry

While I’m often dressed up at events, you can find me during weekends without make-up, walking around in a singlet and shorts. And I have to say, it feels pretty damn great to be free!
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  1. eiling lim says:

    I didn't know you know eli (elisabeth leong)! She's my schoolmate back in Ipoh.

  2. thule a.k.a leo says:

    the best is yet to come!!!

  3. iamthewitch says:

    Looking great girl! Girls are born to be vain ;)

  4. a change to be better and walk towards the best :)

    love all ur outfits!!!

  5. The best happens when we're 55 and enjoying extra fatty bak-kut-teh. We will be fat and ugly – sooner than never. It's what you make of it then. Never forget who you are :)

  6. for a sec i almost read life after pregnant! shocked lol

  7. Lol.
    Well, I've never been in a pageant but I think it's quite normal for us girls to become more vain as we get older.
    (Nowadays, I feel naked if I leave the house without putting on my eyeliner and lipgloss! Haha…)

  8. Lyrical Lemongrass says:

    I think we're all vain to a certain extent. But I'm always most comfortable when I'm at home lounging in my old tee and shorts with holes! hehehe. You're okay, sweetie.

    P.S. Just saw my pic up there. Looks like I've changed too! LOL.

  9. Simon Seow says:

    You're going for Miss Malaysia Universe 2010 right?

  10. I saw MY pic and I've changed! And that was just a week ago!

  11. Bangsar-bAbE says:

    Marcus – LOL. That's because you went to KK!

    Simon – ;)

    LL – Darling…you change hairstyle every 3 months, no?

    J – Hahaha….tell me about it!

    KY – LOL…that would be a huge drama! =P

    ezra – I won't. ;)

    ai wei – Thanks sweetie!

    iamthewitch – Ya…so true!

    leo – I hope so.

    eiling – She's my roommate in Miss Malaysia Universe 2008. =)

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