Hmmm…I felt like Barbie

Had to wear something pink for the Che Che New York launch in Mid Valley, but I don’t have anything pink in my wardrobe. So I took my sister’s pink ring and painted ny nails bright pink with her nail polish. Walking out of the house, I felt so “barbie.” >.< But, in exchange for the 2 hours of feeling like Barbie, I got to choose a handbag.


Nice or not? *prances around with new bag*
They have it in black too.

Go look HERE.

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  1. nice

    even nice when it is free :P

  2. verrrryyyyyy nice!!! <3

    and i love ur pink nail polish too!

  3. 灰姑娘的世界 says:

    So pink but very nice…suit you

  4. 灰姑娘的世界 says: nice!!

  5. mimid3vils says:

    nice bag, how much?

  6. minchow says:

    The colour looks good on you.. keep it on for a bit longer! And nice pick on the bag.. tend to find Che Che designs a wee over the top and too cutesy for me but your bag certainly didn't fall into that trap!

  7. Well it's a good investment! :) haha

  8. Che Che New York roks! *laughs*

  9. Bangsar-bAbE says:

    Leo – Hahaha… *grins*

    請客 – Thanks!

    J – LOL…it sort of is. =P

    minchow – I had an awfully hard time choosing a bag. I wanted something I could match with my clothes. Hehehe…

    mimi – It's 243USD. Go check out their website! =)

    灰姑娘的世界 – Thanks…

    ai wei – It's a nice pink, but it still feels weird having pink on my nails. >P

    Vivien – Yup…hehehe

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