Che Che New York, Mid Valley

A break from food posts this weekend — here are some pictures of myself and local celebs at the recent launch of Che Che & Hello Kitty collection in Mid Valley.

Sue Lynn (B-Babe) at Che Che New York

Joyce the emcee

l-r: Myself, Yasmin Hani,Sue Ong, Chermaine Poo, Elena Hong, Cheryl Samad, Atilia & Xandria Ooi

Coin pouches and key chains

I *heart* the cow key chain. So cute!

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  1. CUMI & CIKI says:

    oh lovely.. they are really cute.. hmm, i wonder why I dont have one? must be too busy buying other things:P ( take me shopping soon!) LOL

  2. ahhhhhh! the cow key chain super cute. how muchie is it?

  3. Very nice! Lovely shots. Looking good. Thanks Sue Lynn!

  4. Julian Si says:

    Wah, BB … hope they let you keep one! Sweet :-)

    ps – C&C , when would you like to go shopping *wink*

  5. AugustDiners says:

    i dont much like their bags, but the key chain is uberly cute!

  6. worldwindows says:

    How many handbags does a girl need? I know – as I help my wife collect them!

  7. taufulou says:

    heee, i just love their hello kitty collection..its cute`

  8. I very love this Hello Kitty collection of che che…I think is time to buy 1 for myself…thanks bangsar babe for sharing

  9. Bangsar-bAbE says:

    Emma – You're most welcomed!

    taufulou – Yup! =D

    worldwindows – As many as we can get! lol

    So sweet la you…your wife is very lucky then!

    AugustDiners – Not all the bags were my kind, but I did find some I would carry. ;)

    Julian Si – They gave me a bag to keep. =)

    FeeQ – Thanks!!

    Leo – You should thank the photographer that day. I was posing in front of the lense. =P

    ai wei – I dunno also. Have to go to store, or check online. =)

    Cumi & Ciki – Weekend babe, weekend!

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