Char Kuay Teow @ PJ Old Town

I have a love-hate relationship with char kuay teow. I love it so much, that I can have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner (only in Penang). Hate it, because it makes me fat and causes me to sprout pimples like a pimple farm. I’ve heard good things about the CKT in PJ Old Town, but it was only after a disappointing dinner that I finally tried it for myself. Expect to wait 30-35 minutes for a plate of noodles. I waited for almost 40 minutes that night, and by then, I started to get fidgety. This uncle fries the char kuay teows plate by plate, with a short metal spatula. As he fried the noodles, there was plenty of smoke in the wok, so I thought to myself, “Wok Hei….MmMmmm!” Tastewise, it was decent, but not as good as Robert’s. Despite the nicely charred bits, the char kuay teow only had a faint hint of wok hei. I reckon it could be because the noodles were wetter and slightly greasier, hence the muted wok hei flavour. They were pretty generous with the ingredients; my large plate (RM5) came with plump prawns, plenty of cockles, chives and beansprouts. rif, who shared the CKT with me agreed that Robert’s was better. I guess that’s probably because Robert knows just how we like our CKTs.

Ambiance: 4/10
Price: 6.5/10
CKT: 5/10 (non-halal)
Verdict: One of the few decent char kuay teows in PJ.

Char Kuay Teow
Restoran Soon Lee
Jalan 1/10
Petaling Jaya Old Town
(opposite Heng Kee BKT)
Opens from 7pm-11pm
GPS Coordinates: N 3 05.121 E 101 38.979

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  1. yikes, 40 mins is an unbearably long wait if u're hungry! i like my ckt with really plump cockles, which can be tricky to find…

  2. thats why u need to go to Rest. Jamal Mohamed at FAM SS6 kelana jaya lor…

  3. thule a.k.a leo says:

    40 min??? outrageous… I'd rather go elsewhere.

  4. iamthewitch says:

    40 mins is really a LONG wait! Especially when one is famished! But LOL at the short spatula! Very good observation :)

  5. CUMI & CIKI says:

    oh man.. now i remember what i forgot to eat today for lunch! haha :P

  6. ShaolinTiger says:

    If you still go to Roberts stall often, next time you go can you ask him if you used to be in Bandar Sri Damansara at Tanjung kopitiam?

  7. Zhi Shan says:

    have u tried ss2 that 100 years curry me house(forgot what's the exact name) char kueh teow? its quite nice too~=)

  8. ~Christine~Leng says:

    oo… will head down to PJ old town soon. and we'll look out for this :)

  9. Julian Si says:

    Roberts CANNOT be beat :-)

  10. this is my type of CKT-but have to wait so long.

  11. UnkaLeong says:

    Waited that long meh? Time passes fast with good company :)

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