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February 28, 2010

Who are you calling petite?

Petite means SHORT.


I’ve met a few people who went on and on about how ‘petite’ I am. There are times I feel like pushing their faces into a Thesaurus.

Some people are petite but not skinny. Some people are skinny but they are not petite. Some people are both petite and skinny. I’m definitely not petite. I don’t think someone who is my height (5’ 5.5 inches) can be categorised as petite.

If you’re 5’3 inches and below, then that’s petite. When you see the petite section in stores, it doesn’t mean the clothes are meant for skinny people.

Petite sized clothing covers the whole spectrum of body sizes. It’s about height, not girth!

So please, DON’T CALL ME PETITE anymore. That’s not my label.

11 Responses

  1. Simon Seow

    FourFeetNine is petite. Bangsar Babe is slim.

  2. ai wei

    oh dear, how can they call u like that?! ><

    you are slim n fit n pretty <3
    not petite!!!

  3. Frankkus

    Hahahaha….. Sorry mdm…. I just cracked up after reading this post. I was expecting to read of some interesting place I can dine out but instead I had a good laugh. I am not sure why I had a good laugh & why I had the sudden urge to comment on this post. I guess it's just that I have a very strong believe that ………

  4. CUMI & CIKI

    LOL, i feel ur pain.. aw, u r lovely! don't change. as long as when they say it they mean it as a compliment that's fine!

  5. Nani Aziz

    just throw that damn thesaurus onto their faces. lol. they call you petite? then i can be called petite as well lah? aigo… haha

  6. Baby

    5'3 inches is petite? i'm only 5'2 (plus minus)

  7. J

    Well, I'm sure they meant it in a good way…. right?
    (Hey, it's better than my old school friends who call me "chuee parr" (pork chop) and fat all the time lah… *smile*)

  8. CUMI & CIKI

    but i do agree, being called HOT is so much better! at least there is no confusion there.. haha HOT as opposed to cold.. ? teehee 😉

  9. AugustDiners

    mm.. im one of the offender i think! i always get petite and slim mixed up. Topshop sells petite clothes range and i always cant fit into them (I'm 5'8 btw), so all these while i tot it was for SMALL-sized ppl. soweee. now u can stuff that thesaurus up my mouth =P

    p.s. thanks for the clarification.

  10. Bangsar-bAbE

    AugustDiners – You're welcomed! =P

    Cumi & Ciki – Hahaha…that you're so right!

    J – Some meant well…but when it's coming from competitive pageant girls, it often carries a negative meaning. >.<

    Baby – Yup…5'3 and below is petite. =)

    Nani – Hahaha….ya, you're more 'petite' than I am hor? =P

    Cumi & Ciki – *hugs*

    Frankkus – Every once in a while I'll take a break from food reviews and you'll see posts like this. 😉

    ai wei – Thanks dear!

    Myhorng – I'm chilled.

    Simon – Yes! =D

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