There are many times in life where I’ve taken people for granted. But I have been taken for granted a lot more. Not so much my close friends, but more of new acquaintances. I tend to feel sorry for people quickly, and would feel the need to help them — even when I have to inconvenience myself.


As soon as that person gets what he/she wants, I am quickly forgotten. I was at a product review recently, when another blogger forgot her camera. She asked if she could use mine to snap ‘a couple of photos’, which turned out to be 35 shots. *rolls eyes*

She emailed me a few days later asking for the photos, which I had to resize and email to her. That took 30-minutes of my limited time. The photos had to be sent in 3 batches. When she received the emails, she didn’t even bother to reply. Not even with a simple ‘thank you’.


This girl I know (briefly) needs help. I was supposed to hangout with rif that night, because we haven’t seen each other for a week. She played the helpless card, and I couldn’t help but feel sorry for her. So I bailed on rif and went to help her. rif was pissed off, as he didn’t understand why I would bother helping someone I barely know at a very inconvenient time. Turns out, she wasn’t as desperate as she sounded on the phone. She was just lazy.

I’ve had enough. From now on, I will only help people I know and care about. Like my friends who always have my back when things suck, and have gone through ups and downs with me. Not anyone who plays the damsel card on me.

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  1. sometimes we need to ignore pleas from people because we are not robot. we can't help all of them. and is it worth it to help? most of the time people that you helped will only remember you when they need help again.

  2. Cindy Khor says:

    its because you are a good hearted angel and i envy you for having a gold heart.

    but maybe its this good natured personality of yours that makes you feel so annoyed with yourself for being used by others.

    just do whatever that will makes your heart happy yeah.. just ignore about those who are selfish. but if you are feeling generous again, maybe you could help them, and maybe GOD will fufill your dreams in return?? 善有善报

  3. Babe,
    I have enough of this scenario.. and what I do now, is only care to people who always be there for me..
    This is the true world

  4. thenomadGourmand says:

    Poor babe!
    Don't worry, we appreciate you for wht u are & yr time.
    There wil alws be ppl like tht in this world, rant if u must, but dont lose yr beauty sleep ovr it!

  5. Sounds like a SOUND new year's resolution to me! If they're going to be blatant users, they don't deserve a minute of yr time! Have a fabulous holiday season babe!

  6. you are exactly the same as me, even though i am 12 and yeno , but when i dod omething good for people thy spend a day being nice then just blanc me and when i have had enough they start pleeding for something else, im really angry about it , you sound very strong minded

    check out my blog please:

  7. Bangsar-bAbE says:

    kate – Thanks! That's all part of life I guess.

    min – Thanks sweetie! Have a wonderful new year too!

    nomad – Thanks for being there babe! Yup, no point being upset. Later I'll grow old faster. >P

    Nor R – So true. I guess life is short, so best not to get too worked up about it. I just had to pen it down. Didn't want to bottle things up. =)

    Cindy – Dear, thanks for the kind words! I'm feeling much better already.

    Baby – That's something I need to work on! rif will have to help me filter things. ;)

  8. Petite Lass says:

    Nice blog you have. Quite addictive even on my first visit ;) There's a saying that goes "Being kind to others results in being cruel to oneself". Though it may not be true all the time, it applies to some scenarios. I had been caught in such situations a handful of times times. Anyway, way to go, girl! Don't be cruel to yourself :D

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