Turning 2

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Wow, time does fly! It’s been two years since I started blogging and so far, everything has been pretty smooth-sailing. I got to meet many bloggers, made a few good friends and enjoyed the perks of blogging – free food, nice events and plenty of booze. I’ve grown very attached to my blog, trying to keep blog posts consistent, and improving the contents and pictures as I go along. However, I would never have come this far without all your support. So…

Thank you all so much!
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  1. Happy 2nd blogniversary and many more years to come! =D

  2. thule a.k.a leo says:

    belanja makan for your supporters!! yay!!

  3. happy blog anniversary! :) cheers to more food to come

  4. Nic (KHKL) says:

    congrats congrats!!! must go eat big big to celebrate d! :)

  5. "Joe" who is constantly craving says:

    congratS! its funny how there are quite a number of anniversarys in november!

  6. thenomadGourmand says:

    ohh..u reminded me! My blog is 1 year old!

    haha..i knw just the way to celebrate.. dontcha? *wink*

  7. Congrats! :)

  8. UnkaLeong says:

    2nd of many, i'm sure. Keep on blogging babe ;)b

  9. happy 2nd blogniversary babe!

  10. ~Christine~Leng says:

    Happy 2 years anniversary to your blog babe! great job blogging and continue writing yea!! ;)

  11. OMFG Sue Lynn, the journey has BARELY begun … here's to more miles under your belt … and to those miles not showing!

  12. BrianandRepublic says:

    Blogging has sure opened up plenty of opportunities and 2 years is quite a long time. I'm sure though, its the tip of the iceburg for you.

    As for me…I'd like to see where my video blogging will take me.


  13. Bangsar-bAbE says:

    Brian – It has…and I hope there's more to come. Just keep working on your video blog…it'll pay off. ;)

    Mike – LOL. Those miles better not show under my belt…sure kena lecture!!

    Christine & babe_kl – Thanks!

    Unka – Will do, will do!

    J – Thanks!

    nomad – Come…let's do a joint celebration!! =D

    Joe – Ya hor…what a coincidence.

    Nic – Hehehe….yes, BIG makan!

    rokh – Same to you! Here's to plenty of good eats!

    leo – Eh, I thought you were going to belanja me? Kekeke… >P

    Huai Bin – Thanks!!

  14. Hi there. First time here and just got to know that your blog has turned into 2. congratulation.. ;)

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