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Green Apple Burger vs Pineapple Burger

During a recent dim sum session, KC (rif’s colleague) suggested I do a showdown of food within the same category. I liked the idea, and decided to do a burger showdown. Now, before you roll your eyes and go “Again? Not another burger post??”…READ ON. This is not just another Ramly burger face-off. I decided […]

The Burger Showdown

~Image from google.com~ Coming soon!!

Molten Lava, 1 Utama Shopping Centre

After months of empty talk, Shum and I finally tried the churros at Molten Lava in 1 Utama. (Churros are a type of Spanish doughnut made from sweet potato dough and deep fried till crunchy.) Besides a range of churros, they also sell cupcakes, carrot cake, roti prathas and toasts. We settled for the Churros […]


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