A glutton I am not

I’m surprised at how *gasp!* I’m not so much of a glutton. I tend to be egoistic and proud (rif, Jeen, Shum and those who know me well will attest to that). And I guess I do need to work on keeping my cool…which I normally lose when I deal with shitty clients and sometimes, my boss. Oh bugger…

Greed: Medium

Gluttony: Medium

Wrath: Very High

Sloth: High

Envy: Medium

Lust: Very Low

Pride: High

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  1. hahahahaha! these damn quizes are irresistable, aren’t they
    wait, so i’m greedier and gluttonier that you are? weird.
    and your lowest one is my highest one? hmm… must cut back on the one-nighters :p (kidding!)

  2. Bangsar-bAbE says:

    yes they are!

    I know!! I thought I was much much greedier and gluttonier. o_0

    Maybe I’m less horny! kekeke… :P

  3. i just have a healthy appetite >)

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