Beggar Menace

I hate having lunch at hawker places and roadside stalls. Nothing to do with filth or noise (maybe a little), but it’s because of those pesky beggars. Almost everyday, I have to endure some sort of harassment from beggars when I have lunch at a nearby coffeeshop or tea at my favourite kopitiam.

People who beg come in many shapes and walks of life. You have the monks (I have absolutely no idea who’s the impostor and who’s genuine), the lady carrying a baby/handicapped child, the blind man being led by another person who is NOT HANDICAP, young children, old lady with a recycled condense milk can, the old man with a walking stick (meant for show) and so on. Beside beggars, there are also peddlers selling tissue paper, food or basically anything sellable.

I get annoyed with these people as they often interrupt my meals and my conversations. Such an invasion of privacy! As for charity cases, I find them equally annoying. They are Soooooo persistent! As if they are trained not to take “NO” for an answer.

I think these beggars are capable of earning money the right way, but they are just being plain lazy. While some people think that they doing a charitable act, I feel that they are encouraging these menaces to multiply. Why not donate the money to the needy instead? (Beggars are NOT NEEDY, they’re L.A.Z.Y) There are so many charity homes in need of funds.

There’s this old man in crutches begging at Uptown Hawker. His crutches are merely for show purpose. He hobbled up to Shum using them and when she didn’t give him any money, he actually WALKED away without the help of his crutches! And then there’s another annoying Chinese old man who goes around Damansara Uptown begging for money. If you ignore him, he’ll push his cup to your arm and nudge you for HIS money. Such a nuisance!

Once again people, BEGGARS ARE L.A.Z.Y… o_0

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  1. well at least these beggars,(those who sells tissue or like you said sellable item) are better than those who just sit by the roadside do nothing but wait for people to drop some coins or a blue paper note into their bowl.

  2. Agreed.

  3. Anoko r. says:

    I think I know the old beggar at Dsara Uptown you talking bout… Even I saw him @ Bangsar…. Sigh….

  4. Bangsar-bAbE says:

    Anoko r. – I wonder how he got to Bangsar…(drive maybe?) Sheesh!! o_0

  5. Ben Tang aka Aikiben says:

    i have seen these so called "beggars" being ferried in a honda civic.

    I suppose there is a syndicate doing this and mind you these guys are pro. and the beggars are imported from PRC.

    I once asked him where are you from, he hesitated. Then I intimidated him by saying i am a police officer and would like to see his IC.

    He went," mei shi mei shi…(nothing /its ok)"
    his accent was soo.. PRC..

    there u have it .. i bet if i go after him, he may even throw his crutches and RUN !!

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