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Butter Cupcakes by Amelia

My colleague Amelia baked butter cupcakes for us last week. They were delicious. Moist and buttery…très très yum! She even iced them beautifully. I thought she was anal…every piping was proper without missing a spot. 0_0

My butter cupcakes sans icing (I’m human :D)

Here are my butter cupcakes baked sometime back for comparison. There! Don’t you think she’s anal? Or am I just plain lazy? kekekeke… 😛
That aside, thank you Amelia…they were really delish! I want brownie cupcakes also…you promised me already.. 😛

4 Responses

  1. am3lia

    hey… i iced them to ‘cover flaws’. Hehehee…. be nice!

    Stop calling me anal. Otherwise no more cakes for u. ;P

  2. Bangsar-bAbE

    But you are! 😛

    Ok la…I want cupcakes! I want cupcakes!

    *puppy eye look*

  3. am3lia

    awww… u already ate one this morn.

    Ok.. will make more when u get back! *muax*

  4. Bangsar-bAbE

    That one you made special for Fernandez…I also want you to make special for me 😛

    Ok 🙂

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