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Golden Kim Wah, Damansara Kim

Golden Kim Wah, Damansara Kim

I’ve been huge fan of Robert Char Kuay Teow ever since I first tried it in 2007. That was in Say Huat Coffeeshop, Section 17 and it has become my regular char kuay teow spot ever since. rif and I were around the neighbourhood when we saw another Robert Char Kuay Teow stall at Restoran […]

PS.Cafe, Ann Siang Hill

PS.Cafe, Ann Siang Hill

Whenever I visit Singapore, I tend to go back to the same few spots where I’ve grown accustomed to the food and place. Creature of habit, I know. My other half however, loves trying new places and insisted we try something out of our norm when we were in the city – PS.Café at Ann […]

A change in perspective
January 22, 2015

A change in perspective

Was doing my performance evaluation with my immediate supervisor when he made a comment about how things would have been different if I hadn’t joined the corporate field. He was somewhat right – I think I’ve been put through a good amount of stressful situations, office politics and chauvinists, and managed to come out of […]

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