Spa Village at Pangkor Laut Resort


Calming elements

Spa sessions are a luxury which I reserve for special occasions or when I get extra moolah from freelance work. They are also a luxury I enjoy when I do hotel reviews, not all the time but most of the time. I’ve been fortunate to try some really great spa massages, including this recent indulgence at The Spa Village, Pangkor Laut Resort.


Welcome drink




Your spa journey begins here…


Foot bath…


…followed by Chinese Foot Pounding

My session began with a soothing foot bath and Chinese foot pounding, said to stimulate lymphatic drainage and boost the immune system. Soon after, I was escorted to the bath houses where I soon began the traditional Malay ‘circulating’ bath. My therapist Rina was most accommodating and explained the treatment process step by step.


Traditional Malay ‘circulating’ bath


Make a wish and toss the coin into the well


I made my wish

I was first asked to make a wish by the well and toss a coin in. Then, the circulating bath began, where I moved from one water outlet to the other. It felt good as the water was crisp and refreshing.


And did the ritual


The ritual includes going from one water outlet to another


And then the hot facial steam in awaken the senses


Japanese-style cleansing


Heated Rotenburu pool

After putting my head over four types of steam facial with different invigorating scents, I then proceeded to the Japanese bath followed by a dip in the heated Rotenbutu pool. I loved this pool experience because it was warm and soothing to the body.


Hello from the pool! :)


Signature Shanghai Scrub


Fashioned to look like a Chinese kitchen

Finally, the Shanghai Scrub in a Chinese bath house fashioned to look like a kitchen. I enjoyed a gentle yet exfoliating wash, followed by a cup of ginger tea before my spa treatment began.


Ginger tea after the bath ritual

I was given the Campur-Campur treatment, combining the best techniques of Malay and Thai massage. Steamed herbs were pressed along my body using a traditional steam pouch and the deft kneads from my therapist’s hands. My pressure points were tended to without causing too much tension — I was in a state of zen. :)


Spa room


Wood elements are aplenty

It was one of the most de-stressing massages I enjoyed – my tensed shoulders were significantly relieved and I felt lighter overall. As a memento of the spa experience at Pangkor Laut Resort, I was gifted the Batik Sarong I wore during the treatment.


Campur Campur — a blend of Malay and Thai massage

Of the many spa massages I’ve tried, this is one of the few that pays great attention to detail and overall experience. Truly a relaxing journey from start to finish. For more information about Spa Village, visit the official website at

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The Spa Village

The Spa Village
Pangkor Laut Resort
Pangkor Laut Island,
Pangkor, PK, Malaysia
Tel: +605-699 1100
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Kim Lian Kee Hokkien Mee, Petaling Street


Hokkien Mee at Kim Lian Kee

When I started working in the city centre, Petaling Street was a 10-minute walk from the office and Kim Lian Kee was like a canteen for my colleagues and I. We would walk there for lunch at least once a week for a year and a half. Each quarter, there would be a price increase. Three years ago, a plate of Hokkien Mee for one pax was RM6.

Today when I revisited with rif, it’s RM8. :shock:


Rich, dark and full of wok hei

It’s been close to 8 months since I went back to Kim Lian Kee, because standard has dropped in the last two visits. But this time around, standard seems to have improved and the hokkien mee had good char flavour and the dark sauce coating was thick yet not overly oily. If only the noodles are this consistent day and night – this is one of the better Hokkien Mee in town.


Moonlight kuay teow with egg

When it comes to Hokkien mee and moonlight kuay teow with egg, Kim Lian Kee is currently the only place that makes these two dishes taste different. In most cases, the noodles taste similar to one another but this moonlight kuay teow was a league of its own.


Tiny portion for 2 pax

Served with a raw egg on top, the noodles had a distinct wok hei and a sweeter flavour from the sauces used. Less bold than the hokkien mee but equally delicious I must say. If I had to pick, I’d go for the kuay teow (RM9 per portion) because I like the creamy texture the egg gives the noodles.


Pork soup

We also tried the pork soup (RM9), which was pretty decent albeit not as good as the one from Pudu. This version had more cabbage than pork slivers, much to my disappointment. Still, the soup was adequately porky and it was even tastier after a few dashes of white pepper.

Our bill came up to RM36 for the above – we ordered the kuay teow for two pax as portion is miniscule. Definitely not a reasonable work lunch but if you’re big on Hokkien Mee, this is a place to check out.

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Ambiance: 5.5/10
Price: 6/10
Food: 7.5/10 (non halal)
Verdict: Hokkien mee with plenty of char. Give the moonlight kuay teow a try too.

Kim Lian Kee
49 Jalan Petaling,
50000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2032 4984

Tom’s Dim Sum, Taman Desa


Dan Dan Noodle

Dan Dan Mian is a Sichuan dish which I enjoyed in Shanghai early this year. It was one of my favourite things to eat in the city because of the mala sensation from the spicy sauce. I didn’t indulge in the dan dan noodles from street peddlars as I’ve been warned about potential food poisoning, but some people told me it’s better than the ones you get from hotels or proper restaurants. Wasn’t willing to take that risk. :P



rif and I came across Tom’s Dim Sum in Taman Desa by accident, when we spotted the signboard advertising dan dan noodles among several other noodle dishes. I ordered a bowl to try and it wasn’t as fiery as the one in Shanghai. Instead, this was a toned down version with more crushed peanuts and ground pork.


Spicy, sour and nutty…just the way I like it

It had a creamy, nutty flavour and a tingling sensation towards the end; ideal for the Malaysian weather. Even this version had me sweating as I had this on a hot afternoon. They offer set lunches and the dan dan noodles set cost RM8.90 inclusive of a drink (barley or cincau).


Butter Chicken Rice

We also tried the butter chicken rice (RM9.90 for the set lunch) and it was also pretty decent. The chicken pieces were deep fried and coated with creamy butter sauce. Quite a decent portion too.


Old Days Fried Hor Fun (RM8.30)

I was more impressed with the Old Days Fried Hor Fun (RM8.30) which comprised flat rice noodles, cooked with assorted seafood and pork slivers in gravy. The rice noodles were of a thicker variety; similar to the Penang char hor fun but had a firmer texture.


Thicker than usual flat rice sheets

This had a good dose of wok hei and the seafood was cooked just right. Pity the gravy wasn’t the eggy sort, but a clear version thickened with some starch. Still tasty, but it would be much better had the gravy been laced with egg.


Golden sands bun (RM5.50)

While Tom’s Dim Sum is originally a dim sum restaurant, I’m not impressed with the dim sum offered. We tried the siew mai and har kau once and neither stood out. What stood out was the golden custard bun (RM5.50) which is on par with the one I had in SS15 Subang. If you love a good salted egg yolk custard bun, give this a try.


Salted egg yolk custard

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Ambiance: 6/10
Price: 6/10
Food: 6.5/10 (non halal)
Verdict: I quite like the dan dan noodles (although this version isn’t as fiery) and the hor fun is also worth trying.


Tom’s Dim Sum in Taman Danau Desa

Tom’s Dim Sum
11 Plaza Danau 2
Jalan 5/109F,
Off Old Klang Road
Taman Danau Desa,
58100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03 7983 1686
Business hours: Mon-Sat 8.30am-12am; Sun 8.30am-4.30pm

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